Clash Of Lights APK Download 2019 (Unlimited Gems, Golds) V10.322

Clash Of Lights APK is one of the most popular private servers of COC on the internet. Welcome to the most stable and powerful emulated servers available. Today we will talk about COC, the game which needs no introduction. Clash of Light APK is a private server of COC, a popular multiplayer strategy based game where you have to build your base, upgrade your army and attack enemy bases to gain their resources. The game also features a single player mode where you will have to fight against Goblin king. In this game, in Clash Of Lights latest version APK, you will get tons of troops to plan the attack and make strategies. Like archers, barbarians, goblins and wall breakers. Each troop has a special ability to help you destroy the enemies base and win the game. Download Clash Of Lights APK providing exciting features now.

So what’s special in this mod, this special Clash Of Lights APK will serve you with all possible available mod features like unlimited gold, unlimited elixir, unlimited gems and unlimited troop training. All this is upgrades can be done in a few seconds, you don’t have to wait for months now to upgrade your town halls, walls, troops and laboratory. This MOD Apk of COC is built on private servers which are built by the third party publishers. Clash of Light APK is different from the original one but will give you the same experience as the original one. More information regarding Clash of Lights 10 APK will be provided below.

Clash of Lights APK Info

App NameClash Of Lights APKVersionClash Of Lights 10GenreStrategyDownload OnGoogle PlayRequires Android4.1+Updated On1 day ago

Download Clash Of Lights APK

Download APK

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Clash Of Lights APK Features

  Clash Of Lights APK

Works Without Root

Anti Ban APK

100% Uptime

Unlimited Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems

Working Clan Features

Working Real 1V1

Working Shops, Challenges and Events

Weekly Clash Of Lights 10 Updates

Anti Ban APK: With Clash Of Lights APK you won’t get banned for any reason. It runs on a third-party private server which is wholly different from the actual servers. these private servers are 100% secure and safe. So there is no chance to get banned. Play as much as you want without the hassle of anything else.

100% Uptime: The Clash of lights private server strive to be the best private server available in market right now. Clash Of Lights MOD server will give you 100% uptime which means you will never have to wait for the game to play again and also no server downtime will help you to play this game anytime.

Working Clan feature: Many COC private servers available in market right now lacks this feature. In this feature you will be able to join the clans and play war against each other. The experience will be the same as of thee original but with unlimited resources and other exciting features.

Working Shops, Challenges, and Events: This Clash of Lights Apk provides you with a Shop same as the original one to buy different decoration, items, and Walls. You can also upgrade your troops’ ability with just one click by upgrading your lab.

Weekly Updates: The Clash Of Lights APK offers you weekly updates as early as possible. Updates are rolled out depending on the original servers. The updates are fast, secure, reliable and most importantly get released on time.

Working Real 1V1: The Clash Of Lights APK gives you access to multiplayer battles. So that it means you can now also raid enemy bases to gain their loot the same as you do in the working servers.

Clash Of Lights Command Feature: Upgrade your village to the TH 12 in just a few seconds with the newly introduced Command Feature. In the Clash Of Lights app, type /setbase 12 to get a max TH 12 base. Some commands also include like /addspells, /addunits, /addcastleunit for adding 500 quantities of the spell, troops and fill your Castle troops respectively. This comes handy when you want to train troops for attack. This feature is only available in Clash Of Lights APK in the market right now.

Clash Of Lights MOD, Unlimited Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems: This is like a dream for any COC Player out there. you will be getting unlimited Gold, Gems, Elixir and dark elixir. We all know how much time it takes to build and upgrade any of the building. It feels like it never ends plus we can’t even use that building to defend or attack whatsoever. Just a single piece of wall costs so much that we get tired of playing this game. Keeping that in mind we provide you Clash Of Lights APK with unlimited everything with the help of which you can build anything on the spot without waiting for a second.

Installation Guide

To install Clash Of Lights APK in your android device, simply go to your file manager>> Download folder>> Click on the Clash Of Lights APK file. After that the APK will be installed in your android phone. Wait for the installation process, it will take few seconds to install Clash Of Lights APK on your android phone.

After the installation process is completed, Close all recent apps and open Clash Of Lights APK and enjoy the game.

Final Verdict:

There is a lot of COC private servers available in the market now, but not all the servers are good enough to play on. This “Clash Of Lights APK” runs smoothly across all Android devices with 100% uptime and all working features. The developers update their client frequently to keep up with the working servers. The APK is balanced and you can do 1V1 battles and also join the clan and enjoy many different exciting features as well totally for free. So what are you waiting for? download Clash Of Lights APK now.

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