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Maximo and tririga training

Training Courses Date: Friday, December 1, 2017 Time: 8:00am- 3:00pm Cost: $125 per person/ per course Continental Breakfast and Box Lunch provided

Optimizing the Full Real Estate Lifecycle in TRIRIGA

Presented By: JLL

Overview of course

This course focuses on optimizing day-to-day business operations across the full lifecycle of real estate assets. We will share strategies on using TRIRIGA to collaborate with varied business owners and stakeholders for streamlining business processes, satisfying reporting requirements, and proactively communicating status changes. We will address the needs of ever-changing players who touch different pieces of a Real Estate asset throughout its life, e liminating silos of information, and the key items to consider when optimizing your solution.

Internal Support TIPS & TRICKS


Overview of Course

TRIRIGA provides powerful System Administration functionality to assist client support teams in providing support and performing deployments. Join us for TIPS AND TRICKS for using the TRIRIGA Data Query Tool and log files to help identify and troubleshoot issues. Our training will assist you in gaining an understanding of the TRIRIGA Administration Console and Architecture as well as Proactive Monitoring and Alerts.

IBM TRIRIGA – Under the Hood

What every IBM TRIRIGA Power User, Project Manager, and IT Support Engineer

needs to know to understand TRIRIGA like an expert!

Presented By: Serco

Overview of Course

Class attendees will utilize Serco’s hands-on approach to develop a clear understanding of how TRIRIGA works Under the Hood. The session will not only explain the intricate parts that make up TRIRIGA, but will also open attendees to consider a greater realm of possibility within TRIRIGA. The session begins by outlining the servers necessary to keep the application running smoothly, moves to a comprehensive look at data storage, summarizes the specific components of TRIRIGA, and helps participants understand business logic and workflows. Throughout this training you will be working hands-on with developer tools in the application to solidify your knowledge and understanding of TRIRIGA. The second portion of training will be spent developing an understanding of security and security groups, portals, and discussing when they should be and how the TRIRIGA platform and application are upgraded. Finally, we will spend time exploring integrations, reports, and performance issues.

Questions are encouraged and our agenda allows for sufficient time to answer them. Can you believe you can be IBM TRIRIGA smarter in just six hours (and that includes lunch)?! It’s true! We guarantee you will walk away with a new deeper understanding of your IBM TRIRIGA implementation.

New Capabilities of TRIRIGA FASB/IASB Advanced Lease Accounting

Presented By: ValuD

Overview of Course

This course is designed to provide users with an understanding of processes performed by both the Contract Administrator and Lease Accountant in the management of leases. This course progresses from the creation through modification of a lease, and how each role is impacted by the new segregation of duties introduced in TRIRIGA’s 10.5.3 release. 

In addition, this course will address the ability to process journal entries based on lease data collected in the accounting schedules including integration of journal entries into a user’s general ledger accounting system.

Inventory Costing for Rotating Assets:  Let’s clear up the mess!

Presented By: Aquitas

Overview of Course

Did you know there is an additional costing method for rotating assets in Maximo 7.5 and higher?  Have you updated your inventory records to reflect your “real” rotating asset costs?  In this session, we will cover the Maximo out of the box solution for managing repairable assets.

Let us show you how to track your rotating asset costs right out of the box in Maximo using Work Orders, Assets and Inventory. If your process is complicated, it’s time to simplify by adopting Maximo’s out of the box solution. By following a few simple steps, you can manage rotating asset costs and have a complete audit trail of those incurred costs. We will take a step-by-step approach to learn the right processes from start to finish. This course is hands-on and you will need a laptop/device to participate.

Project Management for Facilities Management

Presented By: TRM

Overview of Course

Every facility and institution has a need for project tracking. All project managers should have the capability to easily manage scope, status schedule and track cost. This is especially important when the stakeholders want to know why a project slipped and/or costs overran. Project management typically involves a work breakdown schedule, deliverables, cost accounts for storing budgets/actuals, and a project schedule. This seminar will discuss the ideal model for project management so that you can maximize the software you have and make more informed decisions.

Work Bundling for Facilities Management: (revised)

Simplified Work Execution and Capital Planning through Classifying Facilities/Infrastructure, 

Condition Assessments, Analytics and Universal Work Coding

Presented By: TRM

Overview of course

Today’s Facilities Management personnel are faced with providing customers with world class services and accommodations to enable them to deliver their mission. A major challenge you face is organizing work that needs to be done to sustain, repair, upgrade and replace facilities and support systems into meaningful, manageable groupings to promote efficient work estimating, execution, and capital planning. This session will encompass facility/building systems, classification, condition assessing, backlog, facility condition/FCI, tracking & analysis of assets & work, and work bundling. 

Extending Maximo Ad Hoc Reports (aka Getting Started with Maximo BIRT Reporting)

Presented By: ValuD 

Overview of Course

Create an Ad Hoc report in Maximo, export it, enhance the report using the BIRT Report Designer tool and then import it back into Maximo.